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Someone impregnate me now so I can name my kid Claire Annette. I’d prefer if your last name was Solo, but I’m flexible on that.

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Naming a baby is so weird.. You just pick a word you like, say it over and over again to the kid, and then they respond to it for the rest of their life.

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Me introducing my future children

  • Me: This is my oldest son, William Hamish Scott Mycroft Holmes-Watson Lestraude.
  • Me: Next we have Samwise Bilbo Gandalf Thorin Smaug Bagginshield. Call him Sam for short.
  • Me: And this is my precious angel, Hermione Lilly-Minerva Lunatrix. She prefers to be referred to as The Girl Who Lived.
  • Me: Now where did Little Hiddlesbatch run off to?

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West Coast Camp Views x Bronson Snelling

mostly nature

I must confess, I still believe!
"The Japanese say you have three faces.
The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family.
The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are."

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The Face Magazine: December, 1999

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A stunning high res photo of Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

Blossom and Red Telephone Box, Beaulieu Village, New Forest, England
All Original Photography by